Text-based content is an essential aspect of online promotion, but having ways of promoting yourself visually is equally as important. Considering from a neurological perspective: over half of the entire human population are visual learners, and that 90% of all information is registered visually by the brain regardless of whether someone is a visual learner or not. This provides an opportunity to promote your venture in a way that simple text and word-of-mouth cannot.

Software & Editing

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We provide services for image manipulation and design software, video editing and any other tools needed to create promotional media for the web, social media or for email. We can work by a quota or through a subscription of regular content.

Graphics & Design

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If you have ideas for logos, banners or visual components of a website that you need help with or consultation on, then Communique is happy to help you create clean, efficient and uniform designs that will look professional in quality.

Graphs & Infographics

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We can help you create interesting and informative visual representations of data you may be using either for promotional or educational purposes. These can be done through a variety of tools and image software programs to create high quality markups.

Generating high-quality visual media for your promotional efforts can give a much needed boost to your online presence and reputation. However, you have to ensure that is both good quality and professional looking, or quite the opposite could happen. Contact us at Communique to see how we can help you create some great visual content.