Media releases can form an important part of a wider marketing and public relations strategy. Providing engaging information, data and graphic materials to journalists will help them develop more positive exposure for you in the press, business pages or when communicating with potential investors or share holders. Key to this is growing and nourishing a list of important and valued opinion leaders and media contacts. Helping them write informative news articles, selecting quotes, photos and providing quick easy access to these materials via an online press centre. Reserving premium information for your media contacts will help give them time to develop a story or new opinion piece before dispersing to the wider public.

Press Contacts

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We can help you find strategic partners and media contacts. We can help identify what materials they need and how often. Materials would certainly include: logos, photos, diagrams, charts, data tables, quotes and text summaries of important or strategic topics needing to be communicated. Related industries can often cross promote or collaborate on developing shared campaigns, news stories or industry events.

Media Centre

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We can help you develop a password protected area of your website reserved for media. This will develop good long term partnerships with media contacts helping you keep track of there activities and provide them with the tools to access or request relevant materials. For time sensitive news your media should be invited to early access before wider release which gives them an incentive to develop editorial.

Press Releases

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In order to write engaging news or editorial your media contacts will want ideas and factual details with some kind of industry or topical angle. When these are not immediately available, it may be necessary to support research, perform surveys or otherwise take advantage of new policies, regulation or community trends that could help generate interest related to your industry or venture.