Press releases are critical to any form of marketing strategy of promotional effort. Now with the availability of the internet and online platforms for publishing key update material, it is easier, faster and most importantly: free! In the past, you would have had to consider budgets for physical printing material and the manpower to send it out, but at Communique we can help you create a system for press release material for next to no cost.

Creating Your Platform


We can work to your strengths: where ever you have access to the most subscribers or followers, that is where we can help you create a platform for releasing important new updates and details about your ventures, so they hear it first.

Pre-Release Proofing


Any articles, news stories or blog posts that you use as the fundamental aspects of your press release material can be run by us to check on the technicals before you publish it live. This ensures professional grade content no matter your pace.

Pitches & Consumer Outreach


Communique can consult with forming a pitch or initiating a customer outreach program to your subscriber base to better understand what you can get out of them as well as building trust between you as a venture and them as a follower or customer.

Creating a press release system for your enterprise is readily available and comes at no huge cost, yet the potential benefits range from things such as substantial financial growth, a reputable online presence and even the chance of traditional media coverage, allowing your enterprise to become an authority on your relevant sector. All of this is variable in scope, and Communique is here to guide you to what fits best for your ventures.